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What a dis­ap­point­ment 7de Laan has be­come! It used to be such a good, lovely fam­ily show but lately it’s been too ter­ri­ble. First the aw­ful sto­ry­line with Willem and Amorey, and now this evil story with Justin and Mari­aan do­ing such a ter­ri­ble thing to Lesedi!

How can the pro­duc­ers en­cour­age such a hor­rific thing as blind­ing some­body? It’s show­ing other wicked peo­ple out there how to hurt peo­ple and de­stroy their lives.

Thank good­ness has brought Days of Our Lives back. I’m much hap­pier watch­ing that! We thought the evil had left with Gita but clearly it hasn’t. I’m re­ally dis­ap­pointed. AMANDA, JO­HAN­NES­BURG

I’ve lost my pa­tience with 7de Laan. Af­ter many years run­ning to watch it or tap­ing it in or­der not to miss it, I’ve had it! The show has lost its sub­stance, its moral fi­bre and the plot. It’s been turned into yet another ridicu­lous soapie. These days I fast-for­ward more than I watch. TA­MARA LEVIT, SMS

Eish! Hilda with­out Oubaas may as well fall into an asth­matic coma from her off-screen smok­ing as she’s not go­ing to feature prop­erly with­out Oubaas, the man who made her the per­son that she is in the sto­ry­line.

We don’t want the sick con­tent that’s be­ing in­tro­duced daily such as in­cest, mur­der, ly­ing and cheat­ing to name a few. If you can’t write a gen­uine whole­some fam­ily-friendly sto­ry­line, rather let the pro­duc­ers re­sign and get some­one else to take over.

I’m se­ri­ously con­sid­er­ing not watch­ing 7de Laan due to its fail­ing morals and fir­ing of good ac­tors. CON­CERNED 7DE LAAN FAN, CAPE TOWN

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