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The se­ries high­lights deep con­cerns about the health of our oceans and the dam­age be­ing done to wildlife as a re­sult of cli­mate change and the im­pact of hu­mans.

In one scene a pi­lot whale is filmed car­ry­ing her dead baby. Sci­en­tists be­lieve the death was a re­sult of toxic shock caused by contaminants car­ried by plas­tics get­ting into the mother’s milk.

About eight mil­lion tons of plas­tic are dumped in the oceans each year. “Plas­tic isn’t a univer­sal dis­as­ter, rather the way we dis­pose of it,” At­ten­bor­ough be­lieves. “We should in­crease re­search to coun­ter­bal­ance the ben­e­fits we’ve ac­quired from in­vent­ing it.”

An­other dis­tress­ing scene de­picts a wal­rus in the Arc­tic strug­gling with her pup to find a patch of ice on which to rest, high­light­ing the fact that the North Pole has lost up to 40% of its ice in the past 40 years.

“We saw a mom do­ing every­thing she could to keep her pup on an ice­berg, and we saw them kiss­ing with their whiskers,” pro­ducer Jonathan Smith re­calls.

He de­scribes work­ing with wal­ruses as “ter­ri­fy­ing” – one of them made a size­able dent in a cam­era with her tusk – but also says they’re “the most ten­der, lov­ing crea­tures” he’s ever come across.

“We’re not out there to cam­paign,” se­ries pro­ducer Mark Brown­low says. “We’re just show­ing it as it is and it’s quite shock­ing at times.”

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