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Do you go around telling peo­ple they’re get­ting fat or putting on weight? Gen­er­ally not, be­cause it’s con­sid­ered rude to do so. So why is it okay to ask thin peo­ple if they’re los­ing weight? It’s of­fen­sive.

I’ve been thin all my life and went through dif­fi­cult mo­ments grow­ing up as I was con­stantly judged and teased about be­ing skinny. I was also given var­i­ous nick­names which would make me cringe and blush, caus­ing me a lot of trauma and dis­tress.

I still get the odd com­ment but it’s now like wa­ter off a duck’s back and I con­sider my­self lucky that I don’t re­ally care what peo­ple think any­more.

I write this only to bring aware­ness for the sake of sen­si­tive peo­ple who are con­stantly judged fat, thin or what­ever. STILL SKINNY, EMAIL

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