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Start­ing with clue No 1, fill in the grid in a clock­wise di­rec­tion with four-let­ter words, work­ing your way to the cen­tre of the spi­ral puz­zle. The last let­ter of each word be­comes the first let­ter of the next. If you have cor­rectly filled in the grid, there should be a seven-let­ter key­word read­ing across from clue No 8.

Key­word clue: ever chang­ing con­di­tion

1 Chilly 2 Con­trol on a ra­dio 3 Sneer­ing or sug­ges­tive look 4 Hurry 5 Qui­eten 6 Lower, hard part of a horse’s foot 7 Im­per­fec­tion 8 Cus­toms 9 Large, flat piece 10 To cook in an oven 11 Grand 12 A lion’s young 13 Get rid of 14 Twi­light 15 Ruler of an Asian coun­try 16 Smoothly done

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