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Use the let­ters in the grid to cre­ate as many words as pos­si­ble con­tain­ing four let­ters or more. Each word must con­tain the let­ter in the shaded block in the mid­dle, and may con­tain any of the other let­ters only once. No proper nouns, for­eign words or ab­bre­vi­a­tions.

How did you do?

Av­er­age: 30 words. Good: 40 words. Ex­cel­lent: 55 words

Last week’s so­lu­tion: elks, GHOST­LIKE, hike, hikes, hoke, hokes, kegs, kelt, kilt, kilts, kish, kist, kite, kites, kith, kits, koel, kohl, leks, like, likes, oiks, sheik, sike, silk, skeg, skit, skite, soke, stoke, toke, tokes

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