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Toi­let cis­terns, old to new, can hold from 7,5 to 13,5 litres of water. I re­alised in our com­pany we have 25 men but just pan toi­lets – no uri­nals. So 25 flushes multi-

plied by nine litres a flush mul­ti­plied by four vis­its a day times 22 work­ing days is an amaz­ing 19 800 litres of water go­ing down the loo, amount­ing to more than tre­ble your free al­lowance of 6 000 litres.

We bought and fit­ted a wa­ter­less uri­nal for the guys for less than R750 and have a sani­tis­ing spray that’s used once a day. Through this move we’re look­ing at sav­ing pos­si­bly 238 000 litres of water this year. There’s also a prod­uct on the mar­ket for spray­ing the water in the toi­let bowl to kill bac­te­ria in urine so flush­ing each time isn’t nec­es­sary. We’re look­ing at us­ing that in the women’s toi­lets to save an ad­di­tional 100 000-plus litres of water a year.

How many old com­pa­nies out there have only pan toi­lets and no wa­ter­less uri­nals for the guys? They’re sim­ple to in­stall. Put in one or two and check your water bill! BOB GIL­LIES, EMAIL

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