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Well done to Bryan, who takes boxes and linen bags to su­per­mar­kets (YOU Say, 5 April). Please let’s be mind­ful of our pre­cious world, the only one we have! HEATHER, SMS

I think the ad­vert for a glass prod­uct on DStv is one of the worst I’ve seen. En­cour­ag­ing chil­dren to play with a glass jar on a jun­gle gym in a park, hang­ing up­side down with other lit­tle ones around, is down­right dan­ger­ous! The cre­ators of this ad should have a re­think. LYNN PAULSE, CAPE TOWN

I feel no sym­pa­thy for Smith, Warner or Ban­croft – none at all. They chose to do what was done, know­ing it was break­ing the laws of cricket. I be­lieve that had they not been caught they’d still be do­ing it! I’m glad they’ve been caught at last. RAE DU PLESSIS , EMAIL

Meghan Markle must be to­tally in love or to­tally in­sane (YOU, 5 April). SYD­NEY BECKER, SMS

To the woman from a plus-size fam­ily (YOU Say, 29 March): I’m also from a large fam­ily – big bones, big bums, tall, but I know that be­ing pleas­antly plump is de­pen­dent on how I eat. I’m over­weight but I know this is due to eat­ing a din­ner plate full of food and dessert or sec­onds, as op­posed to the amount of food I need. BE­ING HON­EST, SMS

A true friend is some­one who thinks you’re a good egg even though they know you’re slightly cracked. MARIE DIXON, EMAIL

Re­gard­ing Danc­ing with the Stars, are we vot­ing for the per­son or the best dancers? It’s so sad to see good dancers elim­i­nated. FRUS­TRATED, SMS

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