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Friends Peter and Bon­gani meet for a beer. “So what’s up?” Peter asks.

“Eish!” Bon­gani says. “First I got ton­sil­li­tis, fol­lowed by ap­pen­dici­tis and pneu­mo­nia. Af­ter that I got erysipelas with hemochro­mato­sis. Fol­low­ing that I got po­liomyeli­tis and fi­nally ended up with neu­ri­tis. Then they gave me hy­po­der­mics and in­oc­u­la­tions.” “Boy, have you had a hec­tic time!” “Ja, hey,” Bon­gani agrees. “I thought I’d never pull through that spell­ing test.”

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