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Al­though I re­spect Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s right to pri­vacy, I think it’s im­por­tant for your older read­ers strug­gling with fer­til­ity to know the facts. I’m will­ing to bet Rachel used one of a num­ber of ar­ti­fi­cial meth­ods to get preg­nant.

It doesn’t mat­ter how she did it, but it mat­ters that your read­ers know you don’t eas­ily get preg­nant at 48. It’s hard enough to get preg­nant at 38. Too many peo­ple I care about (my­self in­cluded – I’ve had three mis­car­riages) fo­cus on their career then try to get preg­nant in their late thir­ties and for­ties. Af­ter all, Geena Davis did it at 52, so why not me?

The heart­break is dev­as­tat­ing and the end­less sto­ries from well-mean­ing friends about how celebri­ties man­aged to get preg­nant in their fifties don’t help. They con­fuse you and make you feel in­ad­e­quate. These women are rich and have op­tions that aren’t avail­able to us. CHILD­LESS, EMAIL

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