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STEP 1 Ap­ply a heat-pro­tect­ing prod­uct to your hair and make a parting. Se­cure half your hair to one side to keep it out of the way while curl­ing the other half. STEP 2 Comb through a small sec­tion of hair at the front. Bend this sec­tion of hair slightly from the root back­ward to make a C-shape. Put a heated hair straight­ener over the in­dent of the C and tap it (by open­ing and clos­ing the tongs). STEP 3 Fas­ten a hair clip over the

in­dent to keep it in place. STEP 4 Make an­other C-shape fur­ther along the same seg­ment of hair, but this time make it face the op­po­site di­rec­tion to the first C (in ef­fect cre­at­ing a wave shape). Again, put the straight­ener over the bend of the C-shape and tap the straight­ener. Fas­ten a clip over the bend. STEP 5 Con­tinue to make Cs in al­ter­nat­ing direc­tions un­til you’ve reached the end of the sec­tion of hair. STEP 6 When the hair has cooled, re­move the clips, take an­other sec­tion of hair and re­peat the steps with the rest of the hair on the first side. Un­fas­ten the hair on the other side of the parting and curl sec­tions us­ing the same method. STEP 7 Lightly spray the en­tire head with hold­ing spray so the waves stay in place.

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