The Bold’s psy­cho Sheila is back

Kim­ber­lin Brown Pelzer talks about her re­turn to The Bold as the vil­lain ev­ery­body loves to hate


SHE’S baaaack . . . and this time she prom­ises she’s a changed woman. Bold fans are still reel­ing at the shock re­turn of Sheila Carter, the show’s res­i­dent psy­cho who for years has wreaked havoc on the For­rester fam­ily.

From baby-snatch­ing to mur­der and fak­ing her own death, she’s done it all and more. In fact, the last time we saw her on our screens – more than a decade ago – she’d kid­napped Ridge and Brooke on their South Amer­i­can hon­ey­moon, but dis­ap­peared again soon af­ter they were res­cued.

But this be­ing soapieville, no one ever re­ally goes away for­ever. Bold’s favourite su­per-vil­lain is back, hav­ing spent time in jail where she re-eval­u­ated her life and de­cided she wanted to be­come a bet­ter per­son. You’re kid­ding, right? Nope, says Kim­ber­lin Brown Pelzer, the 57-year-old ac­tress who’s played Sheila on and off since 1992. “She’s done her time and now she’s try­ing re­ally hard to re­ha­bil­i­tate her­self.”

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of cray­cray left in her to keep us en­ter­tained. For starters, she’s still ob­sessed with Eric For­rester, her ex-hus­band. But he’s now mar­ried to Quinn (Rena Sofer) – a bad girl her­self – so ex­pect plenty of drama there.

“Be­tween Quinn and Sheila it be­comes a face-off to see which is the most pure­hearted re­formed ex-crim­i­nal,” Kim­ber­lin says. So how come she’s back? Kim­ber­lin left The Bold in 2003 to pur­sue other ven­tures but af­ter a chance en­counter in 2016 with Brad Bell, the show’s ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer, she de­cided to re­turn to her beloved TV fam­ily.

“I was asked to be in the 30th an­niver­sary of the CBS Day­time Pro­gram­ming group photo. At the shoot I ran into Brad and we started talk­ing. Two weeks later I got a call ask­ing if I’d come back. You know the old say­ing, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’? Maybe see­ing me again af­ter all those years was all it took to get me back in front of the cam­era as Sheila.”

YOU catches up with Kim­ber­lin in Los An­ge­les in the USA where she shares every­thing from her undy­ing love for her char­ac­ter to how she keeps wrin­kles at bay – and how she’s en­tered the world of pol­i­tics in real life.


What was it like step­ping into Sheila’s shoes again af­ter so long? Like slip­ping on the com­fi­est pair of slip­pers I’ve ever owned. You’ve done other TV and film work but al­ways seem to re­turn to The Bold.

Are soaps a genre that you just love? It’s the char­ac­ter I love. I’ve been blessed with one of the most in­ter­est­ing roles in day­time tele­vi­sion. There’s no “wrong” when I’m play­ing Sheila. I can push the en­ve­lope as much as I want to. Ac­tors play­ing other char­ac­ters can’t. You’re known as one of the most pop­u­lar fe­male soap vil­lains in the world. How does that make you feel? Won­der­ful! Peo­ple tell me they love to hate Sheila, but some­times I get peo­ple com­ing up to me who ac­tu­ally think I’m her. That can take some wrig­gling out of. Is Sheila re­ally so evil at heart? She’s def­i­nitely played the part of evil, but was she born that way or is she that way be­cause she doesn’t know how to go about get­ting love like a reg­u­lar per­son? She’s try­ing to find love. She just wants des­per­ately to be loved, but she al­ways goes about find­ing it the wrong way. Why can’t she let go of Eric? With him it was the first and only time in her life she ex­pe­ri­enced true love so she’s des­per­ate to feel that again. What’s Sheila’s ul­ti­mate goal now? To be happy and lead a nor­mal life, and she’s mak­ing strides in that di­rec­tion. What’s your chem­istry like with John McCook (Eric)? It’s great. He’s a dream to work with. There are some in­cred­i­ble scenes com­ing up that you don’t want to miss. You’ve done so many crazy scenes – are there any that stick out? Two. In one I had five min­utes to change a baby’s clothes and kid­nap the kid. The cam­era kept run­ning the whole time. It’s re­ally hard to change a baby in five min­utes – I was sweat­ing. An­other was when I jumped off a roof when I was seven months preg­nant. You’ve also done plenty of cat­fights and your lat­est one in­volves Quinn and a fire poker. Are they fun to do? Hell yes! There’s a lot of gig­gling go­ing on be­tween takes. View­ers love cat­fights be­cause they get to see two char­ac­ters go at it, which is so in­ap­pro­pri­ate and some­thing they’d never do. On a per­sonal note, you’ve been mar­ried to Gary Pelzer since 1991 and run sev­eral busi­nesses to­gether. Tell us more about your re­la­tion­ship. He’s my best friend and busi­ness part­ner. We have a boat­ing and ma­rina busi­ness, a bait and tackle busi­ness, a sports fish­ing busi­ness and an av­o­cado farm. I also run my own in­te­rior de­sign busi­ness. What’s your se­cret to keep­ing your mar­riage alive? It’s what I say about Sheila: a happy per­son makes for a happy re­la­tion­ship. I’ve known my hus­band since I was 13 and in all that time I can count the ar­gu­ments we’ve had on one hand. We don’t hold each other back. Where’s home and what’s an ideal day off for you? We live in Palm Springs, Cal­i­for­nia. My idea of per­fect down­time is tak­ing a bike ride into town with Gary and our kids [Ni­cholas and Alexes, both in their early twen­ties], go­ing for lunch and maybe a nice glass of wine. Then bar­be­cu­ing on the pa­tio at home and watch­ing the sun­set. You look fan­tas­tic for your age – what’s your se­cret? Thank you. My two dogs are my ex­cuse to get out and go walk­ing ev­ery day. I eat right. I’ve never been one for junk food. A lot of look­ing youth­ful is about how happy you are, how much sleep you get, how much wa­ter you drink, whether you’re phys­i­cally ac­tive. And, of course, the skin prod­ucts you use. You’ve also gone into pol­i­tics and are run­ning in the elec­tions for the house of rep­re­sen­ta­tives later this year. Why? I’d like to make govern­ment live by the same laws and reg­u­la­tions they ap­ply to the peo­ple. If they did so, their eyes would truly be opened to what they’re do­ing and have done to our won­der­ful coun­try. It can no longer be a coun­try of “do as I say, not as I do”. It’s a coun­try for the peo­ple – not only the peo­ple who run it. I want to see that they’re held to ac­count.

‘I’ve been blessed with one of the most in­ter­est­ing roles in day­time tele­vi­sion’

LEFT: Sheila, who has a che­quered past in The Bold, is still in love with ex-hubby Eric For­rester (Eric McCook). His new wife, Quinn, won’t like it. ABOVE: In 1997 she mar­ried her psy­chi­a­trist, Dr War­wick (Ian Buchanan). RIGHT: In 2003 she kid­napped Ridge (Ronn Moss), who was on hon­ey­moon with his wife, Brooke.

ABOVE: Kim­ber­lin and a sup­porter hold up her cam­paign poster for the Novem­ber US elec­tions. LEFT: At home in Palm Springs, Cal­i­for­nia, with daugh­ter Alexes and hus­band Gary Pelzer.

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