YOU (South Africa) - - LEISURE - – ANOUK VAN DER BERG (9)


Andy and his best friend, Terry, live at the top of a 104-storey tree­house. In be­tween hav­ing ad­ven­tures, they write comic books which they send to their boss, Mr Big Nose. They’re busy work­ing on a joke book but Andy has toothache so he’s strug­gling to think of any­thing funny. When they see an ad­vert for a magic pen­cil called the Joke Writer 2000 they spot a so­lu­tion to their prob­lem. But they have to go through a whole stack of chal­lenges to raise the money to buy one from Two-Mil­lion-Dol­lar Shop.

I loved this book. It’s clever and funny and I liked the lively il­lus­tra­tions and the di­a­logue be­tween the var­i­ous char­ac­ters. I en­joyed it so much I fin­ished read­ing it in four days – that’s the short­est time it’s ever taken me to read a chap­ter book.

It’s the first I’ve read in this se­ries and I’d def­i­nitely like to read more. I highly rec­om­mend this book for girls and boys aged 9-12.

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