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23 OCT – 21 NOV With the sun about to move into Scorpio, it draws to a close your per­sonal year and her­alds a new be­gin­ning. It makes for a good week to mull over the past 12 months and think about the year to come. It’s the right time to con­tem­plate ob­jec­tives, for­mu­late goals and set in­ten­tions. It’s also an apt time to for­give and for­get and to let go of re­grets and ill feel­ings. Life’s too short to let old bag­gage keep you from mak­ing a fresh start. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 47, 13, 21, 49, 29, 50


22 NOV – 20 DEC As a Sagit­tar­ius, you may have a pen­chant for trav­el­ling – long jour­neys in par­tic­u­lar. But it’s a week in which short trips may soothe your soul and be a balm for itchy feet, whether you ex­plore your own neigh­bour­hood, take a drive to the sea­side or a nearby town. You may be sur­prised by the scope for ex­plo­ration right on your doorstep. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 52, 2, 10, 32, 31, 48


21 DEC – 20 JAN The sun’s yearly visit to your pro­fes­sional horo­scope is com­ing to an end, which makes for a week to pull out all the stops in terms of ad­vanc­ing this area of your life. Whether it means tak­ing on more re­spon­si­bil­ity or putting in over­time, it’s a good week to put more en­ergy into re­al­is­ing your goals. It’s a prime time to se­cure your po­si­tion. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 24, 30, 51, 23, 41, 42


21 JAN – 18 FEB En­er­getic Mars march­ing through your sign has its pros and cons. At the mo­ment it’s your thoughts that are on the re­ceiv­ing end of stim­u­la­tion. You might come up with in­ge­nious ideas, which could be ad­van­ta­geous. What could cause prob­lems and con­fronta­tion, though, is your wil­ful­ness and in­de­pen­dent spirit, which also gets a boost. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 11, 46, 44, 14, 1, 5


19 FEB – 20 MARCH It’s a week in which all you share with your sig­nif­i­cant other is com­ing up for re­view. Al­though the ro­man­tic side of your re­la­tion­ship is rel­e­vant, it’s also prac­ti­cal mat­ters that may need con­sid­er­a­tion. A day­dream­ing Pisces could eas­ily es­cape chores. So it may be time for some soul-search­ing re­gard­ing whether you’re pulling your weight at home. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 26, 14, 50, 25, 3, 52


21 MARCH – 19 APRIL It’s a week in which you’ll have to guard your tongue and watch your step if you don’t want to land in hot wa­ter. Hasty de­ci­sions and words can trip you up and cause stress, if not dam­age. Reck­lessly chas­ing ex­cite­ment also puts your goals at risk. It seems to be a week in which to some­what tem­per your rather fast and fu­ri­ous Aries na­ture. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 4, 51, 28, 10, 19, 7


20 APRIL – 20 MAY If you’re a fixed Tau­rus who likes to pre­serve the sta­tus quo, you could be in for a chal­leng­ing week, as un­pre­dictabil­ity is on the cards. Whether your part­ner springs a sur­prise on you, a boss changes your sched­ule, or un­fore­seen events up­set your rou­tine, ad­just­ments may be re­quired – but growth starts out­side of your com­fort zone. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 37, 22, 43, 45, 3, 14


21 MAY – 20 JUNE Gem­i­nis are born with the gift of the gab, so you’re prob­a­bly never at a loss for words – and es­pe­cially this week. Clever an­swers and witty re­marks can have pos­i­tive out­comes, but guard against hurt­ful gos­sip and hasty prom­ises. It’s a week in which your thoughts may be stim­u­lated, mak­ing for a great time to re­flect and learn. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 12, 33, 50, 27, 7, 41


21 JUNE – 21 JULY It could be a week of ex­tremes. On one hand it’s a good time to move be­yond your com­fort zone and sam­ple new ex­pe­ri­ences. You may want to visit an un­fa­mil­iar place, take up a new hobby or so­cialise with for­eign­ers. On the other hand you may want to spend time by your­self, whether to hi­ber­nate, dwell on the past or con­tem­plate the fu­ture. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 35, 39, 9, 5, 52, 31


22 JULY – 22 AUG It’s a week in which you could be rather tetchy, so it won’t take much to get your hack­les up. It’s prob­a­bly best to mind your own busi­ness and avoid provoca­tive sit­u­a­tions and con­fronta­tional peo­ple. Your men­tal en­ergy lev­els are high now, so it’s a good time to busy your­self with learn­ing. You could brush up on your gen­eral knowl­edge and work those brain cells. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 51, 40, 16, 38, 1, 29


23 AUG – 22 SEPT With the sun’s visit to your fi­nan­cial horo­scope soon com­ing to an end, it’s ad­vis­able to make hay while the sun shines. As it is, it’s a week in which un­fore­seen events can cause a fi­nan­cial wind­fall or hin­der your cash flow. Ei­ther way, keep your eyes peeled for op­por­tu­ni­ties to boost your in­come. It’s a good time to re­view your fi­nan­cial plans. YOUR LUCKY NUM­BERS 36, 34, 6, 42, 47, 2

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