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Did you know that at first Mil­ton was de­vel­oped as a per­sonal dis­in­fec­tant in 1916, for sol­diers to use dur­ing World War I? By the late 1940s, the so-called Mil­ton Method had been per­fected for ster­il­is­ing baby equip­ment. Since then, it has been used as the pre­ferred method in chil­dren’s hos­pi­tals for ab­so­lute peace of mind.

It was rev­o­lu­tion­ary. There was no more need for par­ents to boil bot­tles and dum­mies for ages to kill germs, risk­ing burning, adding wear and tear to your baby items, and tak­ing up pre­cious time.

With the Mil­ton Method, you can sim­ply mix up the cor­rect con­cen­tra­tion of Mil­ton fluid or tablets with cold wa­ter in the morn­ing, sub­merge your baby equip­ment, wait 15 min­utes – and it’s done. All your baby’s para­pher­na­lia is safe for a full 24 hours. There’s not even any need to rinse it first – just shake off the ex­cess wa­ter and give to baby. And yet, Mil­ton gen­tly pro­vides hos­pi­tal-grade ster­il­i­sa­tion. It’s no won­der Mil­ton has been trusted by moth­ers for gen­er­a­tions.

Fast for­ward to South Africa, 2015, and the benefits of the Mil­ton Method are ob­vi­ous: next time load­shed­ding strikes your area, smile and shrug. You know you can con­tinue to pro­tect your baby with just a cold wa­ter tap and a bot­tle of Mil­ton. For ar­eas where run­ning wa­ter and hot wa­ter are not re­li­ably avail­able, Mil­ton is lit­er­ally a life­saver – in­ci­dences of gas­troen­teri­tis among in­fants dras­ti­cally re­duced when the Mil­ton Method be­came com­mon prac­tice.

Mil­ton so­lu­tion is not just a dis­in­fec­tant or an an­ti­sep­tic (th­ese only kill micro­organ­isms, but not all bac­te­rial spores), but a steriliser (which re­moves or de­stroys all vi­able mi­cro-or­gan­isms). This gives you peace of mind that af­ter soak­ing your lit­tle one’s teats and teethers in Mil­ton so­lu­tion, they are free of ab­so­lutely all nas­ties. Nat­u­rally, it’s been SABS/ NRCS tested.

Be­cause soak­ing your baby’s equip­ment in a Mil­ton so­lu­tion erad­i­cates all mi­cro-or­gan­isms, it is the best way to pro­tect your baby from in­fec­tion. Mil­ton kills thrush, so use it for soak­ing breast­pumps and breast­feed­ing equip­ment too. Did you know that Mil­ton even kills the ro­tavirus? This bug is re­sis­tant to many other dis­in­fec­tants, but the sodium hypochlo­rite in Mil­ton takes this nasty out, so it is used in hos­pi­tals for ster­il­is­ing ar­eas that might be con­tam­i­nated with the virus.

To ster­ilise with Mil­ton, all you need is cold wa­ter. So don’t let load­shed­ding put your baby at risk. Move to the Mil­ton Method for to­tal peace of mind.

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