12 months WHAT’S SO FUNNY, BABY?

You can learn a lot about your baby from what she’s laugh­ing at


laugh­ter since the time of Plato. There’s re­lief the­ory, which ar­gues that we laugh in re­lief when ten­sion is re­solved. Su­pe­ri­or­ity the­ory sug­gests we get a laugh out of some­one else’s mis­for­tune. In­con­gruity the­ory pos­tu­lates that we laugh when some­thing doesn’t make sense. As your child ages, he or she may laugh as a re­sult of plea­sure, of a sense of re­lief, su­pe­ri­or­ity or in­con­gruity, or a com­bi­na­tion.

What was funny to a oneyear-old will fail to amuse the same child at ten. What your child is cur­rently amused by gives you a fas­ci­nat­ing glimpse into his or her cur­rent de­vel­op­men­tal stage. Here are a few guar­an­teed rib-tick­lers, by age, plus ways to get a grin out of him: or your breast, sig­nals love, food, warmth and com­fort to your baby. Your sound and smell are a de­light, prompt­ing a smile of pure hap­pi­ness – how adorable!

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