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De­pend­ing on their his­tory, twins may also be at slightly dif­fer­ent de­vel­op­men­tal stages: many twins are born slightly pre­ma­turely, but some also emerge with sig­nif­i­cantly dif­fer­ent birth weights (as can hap­pen with twin-to-twin trans­fu­sion syn­drome). You may well find that you have a nine-month-old and a sev­en­month-old (cor­rected age) at home, even though your twins were born on the same day! One baby has de­vel­oped ob­ject per­ma­nence, while the other still thinks a toy that’s been moved out of sight ceases to ex­ist! And for that rea­son, your ba­bies’ dis­ci­pline needs can dif­fer, too. If one twin is hit­ting the other with a block, you may re­move the toy from the “nine-mon­thold” to howls of protest, while the “seven-mon­thold” may barely regis­ter its loss. Say­ing “no hit­ting” and demon­strat­ing sym­pa­thy and con­cern for the in­jured twin is a bet­ter strat­egy here.

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