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Thank you to all the moth­ers who car­ried all of us for nine months in their wombs, who walked long dis­tances to an­te­na­tal clin­ics to en­sure that we were safe and healthy. Thank you for stay­ing awake at night look­ing after us when we were scream­ing while your neigh­bour (hus­band) was snor­ing or at times not there at all. You made sure that we never went hun­gry, you suf­fered for us to be okay. You took care of us at all times, bathed us, fed us, took us to clinic and washed our clothes. I know some of you, if not most, went through all that by your­selves with­out any sup­port.

How do I for­get those who be­came do­mes­tic work­ers just to be able to care and ed­u­cate us? You made fire when it was cold to keep us warm. We cel­e­brate moth­ers like you this month. You were

there when we needed you the most! To all the moth­ers who are Your Baby read­ers, in­clud­ing my­self, I wish you long life and strength. Above all, may the sun shine on your back­yards. Keep on do­ing the good work; you are our su­per­women! JACOBETH MAKALA, BRONKHORSTSPRUIT

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