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You don’t have to bath your baby ev­ery day, es­pe­cially if he doesn’t en­joy it. How­ever, his head and bot­tom need to be cleaned prop­erly twice a day. • Pre­pare a small bowl of cooled boiled wa­ter and some cot­ton wool. Start with your baby’s face • Use a damp cot­ton wool ball for each eye and wipe from the in­ner cor­ner to the out­side. • Wipe the rest of the face. Pay spe­cial at­ten­tion to the area un­der the chin and the neck, and also be­hind the ears as milk can col­lect in these folds. Wipe be­hind the neck too. Next up is the bot­tom • Re­move the nappy. Wipe your baby’s gen­i­tal area, be­ing thor­ough in all the groin folds. • If you have a baby girl, wipe from front to back. You don’t have to pull the labia open. • If you have a baby boy, wipe un­der the scro­tum and around the pe­nis. Do not pull the fore­skin back as this will hurt him. • Lastly, wipe your baby’s anus well from front to back. Re­mem­ber to wash your hands be­fore and after top-and-tailing.

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