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Make a post box!

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1 empty ice-cream con­tainer sheets of very thin wood, avail­able from art shops 4 paint colours 1 piece of pa­per with pat­tern that matches your paint colours pen­cil sharp scis­sors, knife or NT cut­ter paint­brush ruler black koki pen


1. Use the pen­cil to draw lines on the lid of the ice-cream con­tainer, di­vid­ing it into four quar­ters. Draw a line for the slit in the mid­dle of each quar­ter, and cut it open. Paint each of the blocks on the lid of the “mail­box” a dif­fer­ent colour. Cover the bot­tom part of the con­tainer with the pat­terned pa­per.

2. Now make the “en­velopes”. Us­ing the ruler and pen­cil, draw 16 evenly sized rec­tan­gles on the wood. Each en­ve­lope needs to be nar­rower in width than the slits of the mail­box. Di­vide into lots of four and paint each a dif­fer­ent colour. Paint on both sides. Once dry, use the koki pen to il­lus­trate each en­ve­lope.

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