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✓ Wake him up with a smile and make sure that he smiles too, even if you need to make a funny face!

✓ Briefly tell him about all the won­der­ful things the day is go­ing to hold. Tell him about all the pos­i­tives the day has in store.

✓ Look out the win­dow and show him how won­der­ful na­ture is. Point out the birds, the sun and the grass that he can run around on.

✓ En­cour­age him to be in­de­pen­dent and praise him when he does things right. Prais­ing a child at the right time holds a lot of value.


✓ Give him a healthy meal. Talk about the taste, tex­ture and colours as you en­joy the meal to­gether. Ask him why he likes cer­tain foods.

✓ Make time to play with him. Older chil­dren like play­ing games that are com­pet­i­tive. Let him win from time to time. If he loses, teach him that it is not the end of the world.

✓ Build his so­cial skills by let­ting him play with his peers. Do not in­ter­vene im­me­di­ately when there is a fight be­tween him and his peers. If you do step in, do not get per­sonal.


✓ Talk to your child about what hap­pened dur­ing the day. Find out what made him feel up­set or sad, and why. Ask­ing open-ended ques­tions will yield far bet­ter an­swers, so ask: “What was the best and the worst part of your day?” in­stead of “Did you have a good day?”

✓ Make him feel good about him­self. Tell him why you en­joy spend­ing time with him. Tell him what a great child he is! This will make him feel pos­i­tive about him­self.

✓ With this in mind he can drift off to dream­land with happy thoughts.

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