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My daugh­ter is fully potty trained, but ev­ery day when I pick her up from preschool the teacher tells me she wet her­self. When I asked my daugh­ter why this was hap­pen­ing she even­tu­ally in­di­cated that she’s so busy play­ing that she for­gets to go to the loo un­til it’s too late. How can I teach her to lis­ten to her body’s cues?


Cara Blackie an­swers: What’s hap­pen­ing with your tod­dler is very com­mon and may hap­pen on more than a few oc­ca­sions. As a par­ent you may feel frus­trated at this re­gres­sion but it is best for your daugh­ter that you re­main calm and re­laxed. Your daugh­ter’s re­sponse was ac­tu­ally very ac­cu­rate in terms of what is go­ing on with her at preschool and is of­ten a rea­son why chil­dren start re­gress­ing. Chil­dren of­ten get so car­ried away with cer­tain ac­tiv­i­ties that they do for­get to go to the loo. It may also be that your daugh­ter is con­cerned about miss­ing out on an ac­tiv­ity. This fear of miss­ing out or los­ing a toy is very real to chil­dren but may seem silly to adults. The dif­fi­culty as a mother is that you don’t have much con­trol over the sit­u­a­tion as you are not phys­i­cally there. Talk to your daugh­ter’s teach­ers and with their as­sis­tance she will be back on track in no time.

The teach­ers can as­sist by re­mind­ing your daugh­ter ev­ery few hours that she needs to go to the loo, and this could be done with all of the chil­dren in the class. When im­prove­ment starts it is vi­tal that your daugh­ter is praised and that her ef­forts are ac­knowl­edged. YB

Cara Blackie Ed­u­ca­tional psy­chol­o­gist

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