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The deep V-neck of the top is flat­ter­ing and skims over the tummy area. Wear pumps and mules in nude colours to elon­gate your legs. Choose flat-fronted trousers with a deep waist­band and fas­ten­ing on the side to avoid adding ex­tra bumps to your stom­ach.

Roll up your sleeves to dis­play your wrists, the thinnest part of your arms. NUDE POINTED MULES, R259, Mi­la­dys SIL­VER CUFF, R99, Queenspark

WHITE V-NECK CHIF­FON BLOUSE, R399, Tru­worths | BLACK & WHITE FLO­RAL PANTS, R599, Queenspark | SIL­VER PALM EAR­RINGS, R160, Lo­visa | NUDE POINTED MULES, R259, Mi­la­dys

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