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Many times I hear moms to be say that their part­ners, while lov­ing and sup­port­ive, just don’t seem as in­vested in the preg­nancy as they are. And the truth is this is prob­a­bly true. Be­cause from the first mo­ment you re­alise you are preg­nant, your en­tire life changes. You are im­me­di­ately aware of ev­ery­thing you eat, ev­ery­thing you put on your body, ev­ery­thing you put in your body, ev­ery­thing you do and feel. Whereas for the dads the whole baby is still largely an ab­stract con­cept that only be­comes a re­al­ity when he sees that scan. His daily life con­tin­ues with per­haps a lot more worry about pro­vid­ing a sta­ble fu­ture. But phys­i­cally noth­ing changes for him. But with ev­ery bout of nau­sea, ev­ery smell that makes us want to gag, ev­ery bump that makes us wor­ried or un­der­cooked piece of meat that has us Googling fran­ti­cally, we are in­vested from day one. Hope­fully our roundup of ar­ti­cles this is­sue will help ease this con­stant worry. We start with the first trimester – and cover pretty much ev­ery­thing you have to worry about there – to the 24 top things you can do to en­sure the best birth ex­pe­ri­ence pos­si­ble. But we also re­alise that you are hav­ing a real-life, ac­tual baby at the end of this, so don’t lose the handy Breast­feed­ing Guide that you got free with this is­sue be­cause from the mo­ment your baby is born, that will be­come your new best friend. Yes, your life has to­tally changed but trust us, it’s all good!

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