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Although 80 per­cent of spo­radic mis­car­riages are the re­sult of chro­mo­so­mal ab­nor­mal­i­ties, and there’s noth­ing the mother can do about that, there are as­so­ci­ated lifestyle fac­tors that don’t cause a mis­car­riage, but are as­so­ci­ated. In other words there are lifestyle choices you can make that can lower your risks of hav­ing a mis­car­riage. “High lev­els of emo­tional or phys­i­cal stress on the body are as­so­ci­ated with in­creased chance of a mis­car­riage,” cau­tions Dr Ven­ter. Smok­ing, tak­ing painkillers and drink­ing all in­crease the risk of mis­car­riage. Be­ing over­weight or obese also in­creases your chances. A healthy lifestyle is rec­om­mended. Eat well, man­age your stress, lose weight if you’re over­weight (con­sult a di­eti­cian for ad­vice), and sup­ple­ment with a good mul­ti­vi­ta­min and folic acid daily be­fore conception.

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