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Yes, the acid from your stom­ach can re­ally do a lot of dam­age. “Your teeth are prone to ero­sion due to the dis­turbed Ph level in your mouth once you have thrown up or have any kind of acid re­flux,” ex­plains Dr Fouché. “Once you have thrown up, dis­solve a bit of bak­ing soda in wa­ter and rinse your mouth and then wait for an hour be­fore brush­ing your teeth.”

The rea­son for this is that (sim­i­lar to when you have had a Coke or or­ange juice) your mouth is acidic af­ter vom­it­ing which makes the out­side layer of your teeth brit­tle and mo­men­tar­ily also weaker. So, if you brush straight af­ter, you could po­ten­tially scratch and dam­age your teeth.

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