Your Pregnancy - - Month 3 -

If your man has been hop­ing for pos­i­tive baby news, you can go wild with aban­don as you know he’ll be de­lighted. If you’re not sure of his re­ac­tion to per­haps un­ex­pected baby news, tread more care­fully. What­ever you do, make sure you tell him in pri­vate (un­less you’re ab­so­lutely sure he’d love a pub­lic gim­mick) – men usu­ally pre­fer to do their happy cry­ing in pri­vate. Ca­su­ally do the laun­dry and make him pack his shirts away. What’s this? A shirt he doesn’t recog­nise? Why yes, it is, and it has a rather sur­pris­ing mes­sage on it too. Other ideas: write “We’re hav­ing a baby!” in per­ma­nent marker on the bot­tom of his cof­fee cup and bring him his morn­ing cuppa. Who doesn’t love a for­tune cookie af­ter a night on the Chi­nese take­aways? For­tunecook­ will cus­tom make your cookie so you can say: “Yours is a food baby, but your wife’s is a real one”…

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