Your Pregnancy - - Month 3 -

Af­ter about the 12-week mark, it’s usu­ally time to let the whole fam­ily in on the news. If you’re an­nounc­ing near Easter, do not miss the op­por­tu­nity to make a gazil­lion corny “hatch­ing” jokes us­ing Easter eggs. Write your due date on dyed hard-boiled Easter eggs and hide them in the gar­den for grandpa and granny-to-be to find… “Bun in the oven” jokes are equally time­less, and never mind how corny it is, this is your chance to revel in it. If you’re hav­ing the fam­ily over for din­ner, you could keep a din­ner roll in the oven. Ask your mom, dad or sis­ter to check what’s cook­ing, wait for them to ex­claim, “There’s a bun in the oven!” and wait for the penny to drop. Oh, the fun you’ll have… Al­ter­na­tively, make per­son­alised wine bot­tle la­bels that ask ev­ery­one to “have a drink on you” (and that you’ll join them again with al­co­hol af­ter <due date>”. Have a mini bot­tle of cham­pagne on hand for your­self: your per­son­alised mes­sage can read: “Pop on 18 Septem­ber”, or when­ever your due date is. We love the take on the old Master­card “price­less” ad­vert. Make a card for your par­ents that says, “Cost of this card: R15. Petrol to come hand-de­liver card to you: R45.” When you open the card, show a pic­ture of your preg­nancy test pos­i­tive re­sult and the mes­sage: “Be­ing able to see your face when you found out we’re preg­nant: price­less.”

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