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ROOT RE­FLEX Baby in­stinc­tively turns her lit­tle head to a breast or fin­ger that touches her cheek in her search for food. SUCK RE­FLEX Baby prob­a­bly prac­tised her suck and swal­low re­flex in utero and pos­si­bly sucked her thumb. GRASP RE­FLEX Baby au­to­mat­i­cally grasps and holds a fin­ger placed in her lit­tle hand. THE STAR­TLE OR MORO RE­FLEX Loud noises, fast move­ment or change of po­si­tion can “star­tle” baby, and she will jerk her arms and legs away from her body and throw her head back. STEP RE­FLEX Baby should show the step re­flex di­rectly af­ter birth and will place one foot in front of the other when she’s held up­right. CRAWL­ING RE­FLEX Baby will want to pull her lit­tle legs up un­der­neath her body as if she wants to crawl be­cause she was used to that po­si­tion in utero. BABINSKI RE­FLEX If you press on the ball of your baby’s foot, her lit­tle toes will in­stinc­tively curl down­wards.

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