Your Pregnancy - - Q & A Month 5 -


I’m 26 weeks preg­nant and I’ve been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing dis­charge. It gets re­ally itchy and my dis­charge is yel­low or green in colour. I’ve never been ex­posed to this as this is my first preg­nancy. I’m re­ally afraid to ask my male doc­tor about it, but I can’t leave it as I’m re­ally un­com­fort­able and I’m re­ally scared that if I don’t get help soon, the sit­u­a­tion might cause harm to my baby.


Dur­ing your preg­nancy it’s usual to have some sort of vagi­nal dis­charge, which is usu­ally due to the preg­nancy hor­mones. How­ever, should your dis­charge burn, itch or smell bad, then it’s very im­por­tant that you take ac­tion and speak with the doc­tor right away. He will pre­scribe some­thing that will re­lieve your dis­com­fort. Please don’t feel em­bar­rassed – the many changes your body is go­ing through does pre­dis­pose you to th­ese kinds of in­fec­tions and they can be eas­ily and quickly dealt with. Take note: Don’t use tam­pons dur­ing preg­nancy. Use san­i­tary tow­els or wear panty lin­ers for com­fort. Wear cot­ton un­der­wear. Don’t use fem­i­nine per­fumed sprays or tal­cum pow­der. Avoid us­ing bath oils or bub­ble bath. A few drops of tea tree oil in your bath is per­mit­ted. Avoid washing with harsh soaps near the vagi­nal area – acid is known to in­crease vagi­nal dis­charge.

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