Your Pregnancy - - Q & A Month 6 -

Q: I am 22 years old and 27 weeks preg­nant. When I went to the clinic they said my urine has leuko­cytes. I’m wor­ried as I have a milky dis­charge. How long does it take to heal?


Your health­care provider should check your urine at ev­ery visit. The rea­son for this is that uri­nary tract in­fec­tions (blad­der and/or kid­ney in­fec­tions) are far more com­mon in preg­nancy and can present in un­usual ways. In fact, they can even be asymp­to­matic. UTIs can cause prob­lems in preg­nancy and specif­i­cally in­crease the risk of preterm labour. Signs that you may have a blad­der in­fec­tion in­clude burn­ing, fre­quency and pain pass­ing urine. On a urine test there may be white blood cells (leuko­cytes), protein and ni­trites. I’m sure the clinic gave you an an­tibi­otic. The dis­charge you have now is most likely thrush – also very com­mon in preg­nancy and some­thing women of­ten get af­ter tak­ing an­tibi­otics. This can cause itch­ing, burn­ing and a thick white dis­charge. It’s un­com­fort­able but isn’t dan­ger­ous to your preg­nancy. Your clinic or a phar­macy can pro­vide a cream for this.



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