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“I be­lieve my treat­ment was quite stan­dard. I had to in­ject my­self daily for about 10 days with hor­mones to en­sure that mul­ti­ple eggs de­vel­oped for re­trieval. Then I had sev­eral stim­u­la­tion in­jec­tions to help my ovaries de­velop more than one egg. Once the eggs were ready for col­lec­tion, I took a trig­ger in­jec­tion to ma­ture those eggs. Once my eggs reached a cer­tain ma­tu­rity level/ size, I was booked in for the egg re­trieval process. Here, doc­tors gave me med­i­ca­tion that made sure that al­though I was tech­ni­cally awake, I didn’t re­mem­ber much, and it numbed the dis­com­fort. It still wasn’t a very pleas­ant pro­ce­dure. My hus­band had to pro­vide a sperm sam­ple on the same day to fer­tilise the eggs. A few days later we went back in for the im­plan­ta­tion, which was a sim­ple and pain­less pro­ce­dure. Two weeks af­ter that I went in for a preg­nancy test. “We were ec­static at dis­cov­er­ing we were preg­nant! We had been try­ing for a few years and had three rounds of IUI (artificial in­sem­i­na­tion) prior to this IVF at­tempt. I also felt very cau­tious though, and couldn’t quite be­lieve it for the first few months – I was ner­vous to cel­e­brate too soon as I had never been preg­nant be­fore and feared a mis­car­riage or com­pli­ca­tions. Once we passed the three-month mark, I al­lowed my­self to take a deep breath and to en­joy the preg­nancy and be ex­cited about what was com­ing.” – Anony­mous

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