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One of the most im­por­tant ways of get­ting ready to breast­feed is by get­ting to know your equip­ment. You can do this by reg­u­larly mas­sag­ing your breasts be­fore and af­ter the birth of your baby. Mas­sage your breasts gen­tly with tis­sue oil once a day in the shower or bath, under the warm wa­ter, as part of your daily rou­tine. The tis­sue oil de­creases fric­tion over the skin sur­face. Be sure to mas­sage on the breast tis­sue, from your chest wall through to the nip­ple. Think about your breast as if it were the face of a clock, and your nip­ple the cen­tre of it, then mas­sage from each num­ber, through to­wards the cen­tre. This fa­mil­iarises you with your breasts and en­cour­ages the recog­ni­tion and early de­tec­tion of any po­ten­tial prob­lems. Don’t mas­sage the are­ola or nip­ple area be­fore birth as this can stim­u­late con­trac­tions. Reg­u­lar breast care also helps with drainage through the ducts. Con­tinue your breast care rou­tine af­ter the birth of your baby. Mas­sage your breasts once a day in the shower and also be­fore or af­ter a feed (so sev­eral times a day). Try to do it over a basin in front of a mir­ror so that you can ob­serve and note any changes as your breasts fill and be­come heav­ier. Ap­ply a warm face­cloth over your breast for a few sec­onds to warm your hands and breast and mas­sage with tis­sue oil. This will help man­age the fill­ing of your breasts as the milk vol­ume in­creases and your milk comes in. Wipe the oil off gen­tly be­fore feed­ing.

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