What about the young, reck­less driv­ers?

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This let­ter is in re­sponse to Val van der Walt’s ar­ti­cle en­ti­tled ‘How old is too old?’ in the ZO Week­ender edi­tion of 17 Au­gust.

If ‘fos­sil’ driv­ers are re­moved from our roads, then so should reck­less young­sters, who of­ten do not un­der­stand or fol­low traf­fic reg­u­la­tions.

Driv­ing has al­ways been a sign of in­de­pen­dence and for se­niors, hav­ing a roof over their heads and a ve­hi­cle are a must.

So to limit their move­ment would no doubt be detri­men­tal to many over 70s.

I know of two se­niors over 90 who drive on their own. Yes, they may drive at 60 on the free­way or slam the brakes from time to time, but let’s be hon­est, there are far worse trans­gres­sors on our roads such as those who shoot red ro­bots, over­take reck­lessly in the face of on­com­ing traf­fic and drive un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol.

Ob­vi­ously if their med­i­cal con­di­tion pre­vents them from driv­ing safely, older mo­torists should hang up their keys and the fam­ily should ad­vise them ac­cord­ingly.

But if they are per­fectly able to drive a mo­tor ve­hi­cle, why stop them?

We should rather fo­cus our time and en­ergy on ed­u­cat­ing young and able mo­torists on good driv­ing be­hav­iour. Leave the oldies alone! WILD AND FREE AT 80

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