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Dur­ing art class my lit­tle stu­dent said ‘I’m draw­ing God.’ I paused and said, “But no one knows what God looks like.’ With­out miss­ing a beat, or look­ing up from her draw­ing, the girl replied, ‘Oh, they will in a minute...’

One of my favourite silly in­ci­dents was when a kid tried to get a pen from his pocket and then said ‘whoops, it’s in my other pants’. He then stuck his hand in­side his pants and pulled out the pen. He was just wear­ing two pairs of pants for no good rea­son.

I de­cided to teach the first graders the clas­sic song ‘Head, shoul­ders, knees and toes’. It seemed to go well and we moved on to some­thing else. While ab­sorbed in the new ac­tiv­ity the lit­tle boy at the front was qui­etly singing the new song he had just learned, ‘Head, shoul­ders, cheese and toast, cheese and toast.’ Close enough.

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