A Damned Se­ri­ous Busi­ness

Zululand Observer - Weekender - - ZO CITY BEAT - - by Ger­ald Sey­mour

There is a new cold war rag­ing and its front­line warriors are Rus­sian hack­ers - gang mem­bers work­ing free­lance for the FSB, suc­ces­sor to the KGB.

Mas­sive thefts of per­sonal in­for­ma­tion, elec­toral in­ter­fer­ence, cat­a­strophic dis­rup­tion of com­mer­cial and so­cial ser­vices, banks, air­lines, even whole coun­tries dis­abled - this is hap­pen­ing now.

Nick­named ‘Boot’ be­cause of his ob­ses­sion with the Duke of Welling­ton and the bat­tle of Water­loo, Ed­win Coker is a case of cer at the Vaux­hall head­quar­ters of MI6.

When a young hacker falls into his hands and re­veals de­tails of a se­cret meet­ing, Boot con­ceives a dar­ing plan to strike back - not with a com­puter virus of his own, but with a bomb that will se­ri­ously da­m­age the Rus­sian op­er­a­tion, spread­ing fear and dis­trust.

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