Res­cue worker low­ered into long drop toi­let to save dumped new­born

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Leanne Card

It is to­tally un­ac­cept­able! We took in a 5-year-old un­wanted child and for over a year she has been blessed with a lov­ing and car­ing fam­ily. I do hope that the lit­tle baby gets blessed with a good fam­ily.

Nokwe Pre­cious Xilenge

She could have given the baby to some­one who wants it.

Mthokozisi Mpo­fana

This is the scum we deal with daily. These are the very peo­ple that judge us for be­ing quiet, law-abid­ing cit­i­zens. They have the nerve to tell us we’re weak for striv­ing for de­cency.

Monique Meeky Young

I can never un­der­stand how a mother could do this to their own flesh and blood. You car­ried this baby for 9 months. So many peo­ple in this world are un­able to have kids, then you see this. It’s so sad. I hope this baby finds a lov­ing home and the mother is locked away and keys thrown away. Ex­am­ples need to be made of such so-called moth­ers

Tina Van Winkel

Makes me feel sick that a pre­cious life has no mean­ing for this woman. There are many peo­ple cry­ing to have a baby and you just dis­card it like trash.

Jeannè Smith Harichu­ran

If any­one wishes to turn this tragedy into a tri­umph, please con­tact me. I’m col­lect­ing clothes, di­a­pers, bot­tles... any­thing a baby may need. I’m in con­tact with Welling­ton of the ZO and he is help­ing me with in­for­ma­tion on the lit­tle an­gel.

Adele Swart

That’s mur­der, she can’t pos­si­bly get away with it. Poor baby didn’t ask to be here.

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