¿CÓ­MO TAN­GI­BI­LI­ZAR LA IN­DUS­TRIA 4.0? Get­ting tan­gi­ble re­turns from In­dustry 4.0

Mu­chas com­pa­ñías tra­tan de en­ten­der qué pue­de apor­tar el In­dustry 4.0 a su com­pa­ñía de for­ma tan­gi­ble. Tér­mi­nos re­la­cio­na­dos con el los sis­te­mas ci­ber­fí­si­cos, el In­ter­net de las Co­sas, la fa­bri­ca­ción adi­ti­va o los ro­bots an­tro­po­mór­fi­cos so­bre­vue­lan nuestr

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Everyw­he­re, companies are trying to work out how In­dustry 4.0 can ge­ne­ra­te them tan­gi­ble re­turns. Terms li­ke cloud com­pu­ting, cy­ber-phy­si­cal sys­tems, the In­ter­net of Things, ad­di­ti­ve ma­nu­fac­tu­ring and anth­ro­morp­hic ro­bots are ban­died about wit­hout really un­ders­tan­ding how they might fit in our fac­to­ries nor how to de­sign an ove­rall stra­tegy to de­ploy them.

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