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In­mer­sos en la pro­gre­sión de la cur­va de lan­za­mien­to de la nue­va ge­ne­ra­ción del Po­lo y en el au­men­to de la ca­den­cia, en Volks­wa­gen Na­va­rra es­tá muy pre­sen­te el se­gun­do mo­de­lo, que lle­ga­rá a la fac­to­ría a fi­na­les de 2018. Se tra­ta de una ver­sión SUV a par­tir del Po­lo, so­bre la pla­ta­for­ma MQB A0. Un pro­yec­to his­tó­ri­co pa­ra una plan­ta his­tó­ri­ca­men­te de­di­ca­da a un so­lo mo­de­lo. Mi­guel Ángel Gri­jal­ba apun­ta que “ya te­ne­mos un equi­po des­pla­za­do a Ale­ma­nia, tra­ba­jan­do en el se­gun­do mo­de­lo, del que ya es­ta­mos mon­tan­do pro­to­ti­pos. Va en pa­ra­le­lo, con el ló­gi­co des­fa­se tem­po­ral, con el nue­vo Po­lo”. El ge­ren­te de Pro­duc­ción ma­ni­fies­ta que “au­gu­ra un fu­tu­ro pro­me­te­dor pa­ra la plan­ta, pe­ro ha­brá que se­guir lu­chan­do mu­cho pa­ra man­te­ner la aten­ción en el ac­tual mo­de­lo y a la vez pen­san­do en el se­gun­do, pa­ra que el lan­za­mien­to sea tam­bién igual de exi­to­so. Se tra­ta de un re­que­ri­mien­to an­te el que es­ta plan­ta no se ha­bía vis­to nun­ca. Si se nos ha con­fia­do, es por­que es­ta­mos ca­pa­ci­ta­dos pa­ra rea­li­zar­lo de for­ma com­pe­ti­ti­va. Va a ser un mo­de­lo que ase­gu­ra nues­tro fu­tu­ro te­nien­do en cuen­ta que co­rres­pon­de a un seg­men­to en au­ge en Eu­ro­pa Oc­ci­den­tal”. Im­mer­sed in the pro­gres­sion of the launch of the new ge­ne­ra­tion Po­lo and in the in­crea­se in pro­duc­tion ra­te, the se­cond mo­del, which will arri­ve at the fac­tory in la­te 2018, is om­ni­pre­sent at Volks­wa­gen Na­va­rra. Ba­sed on the MQB A0 platform, it will be a SUV version of the Po­lo. The new ge­ne­ra­tion Po­lo is a his­to­ri­cal pro­ject for a plant that, th­roug­hout history, has been de­di­ca­ted to one so­le mo­del. “We ha­ve al­ready dis­pat­ched a team to Ger­many who are wor­king on the se­cond mo­del, which we are al­ready as­sem­bling pro­toty­pes of. The new Po­lo goes in pa­ra­llel with the lo­gi­cal sea­so­nal dif­fe­ren­ce”, no­tes Mi­guel Ángel Gri­jal­ba. The di­rec­tor of pro­duc­tion pre­dicts “a pro­mi­sing fu­tu­re for the plant, but it will ha­ve to con­ti­nue wor­king to­wards main­tai­ning fo­cus on the cu­rrent mo­del whilst si­mul­ta­neo­usly thin­king about the se­cond, so that the launch is equally as suc­cess­ful. We are tal­king about a pro­cess that is com­ple­tely new to this plant. The fact that we ha­ve been en­trus­ted with it is be­cau­se we are qua­li­fied to carry it out in a com­pe­ti­ti­ve way. It is going to be a mo­del that sa­fe­guards our fu­tu­re ta­king in­to ac­count that it co­rres­ponds with a sec­tor that is boo­ming in Wes­tern Eu­ro­pe”.

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