Amer­ica’s Poo­dle

Costa Blanca News (North Edition) - - THE BRIT SCENE BY TOM DRAPER -

Hey, re­mem­ber all that twad­dle that was fed to the gullible masses about Brexit mean­ing we will be able to take back con­trol? Yes, of course, it was rub­bish be­cause we're al­ready a sov­er­eign na­tion and mas­ters of our own destiny. Well, I only bring it up now be­cause in the last few months some cab­i­net Brex­iters and oth­ers have been fir­ing up the rhetoric about Euro­pean Union mem­ber­ship claim­ing it has re­sulted in the loss of our in­de­pen­dence. Yet at the same time, these politi­cians are part of a gov­ern­ment that is will­ing to sur­ren­der it.

This week we heard that the rea­son Sa­jid Javid took the cow­ardly de­ci­sion to drop the gov­ern­ment’s ob­jec­tion to the death penalty in the case of two ISIS sus­pects was to ap­pease the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion. The home sec­re­tary was so scared of up­set­ting the mo­ron in the Oval Of­fice that he went against the longestab­lished UK pol­icy of op­pos­ing cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment around the world. The USA says jump and our gov­ern­ment says, how high? At times, it ap­pears to be noth­ing more than a sub­servient Poo­dle to the White House, sur­ren­der­ing for­eign pol­icy and Bri­tish in­de­pen­dence to the US.

Oh my, her cover is ter­ri­ble. She sounds like a cross be­tween a cat in its death throes and a drunk pen­sioner cling­ing onto a karaoke mic for dear life. I've heard some of her al­bums in the past and a few songs aren't all that bad, but this re­ver­sion of a pop clas­sic is a hideous mis­take, worse than any song you can imag­ine. I think I’ll stick with John’s ver­sion.

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