Ali­cante, fourth in 'tiger' ex­ports

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A sci­en­tific study has re­vealed that cer­tain Span­ish prov­inces have ac­ci­den­tally 'ex­ported' tiger mos­qui­tos, in­side ve­hi­cles, to other parts of Spain.

Barcelona heads the list of mos­quito ex­port­ing prov­inces, fol­lowed by Tar­rag­ona, Ali­cante and Mur­cia.

Sci­en­tists tak­ing part in the Mos­quito Alert project in Baix Llo­bre­gat (Barcelona) were able to prove the spread of the tiger mozzies via ve­hi­cles.

They ex­am­ined 770 ve­hi­cles ran­domly at ITV sta­tions and at mo­tor­way tolls us­ing a spe­cial vac­uum to catch mozzies that tend to hide un­der the seats.

With the in­for­ma­tion ob­tained, the sci­en­tists made a math­e­matic model to pre­dict tiger mos­quito travel within ve­hi­cles be­tween Span­ish prov­inces.

A tiger mos­quito can only fly a cou­ple of hun­dred me­tres from where it was born.

Roger Eritja, from Mos­quito Con­trol in Baix Llo­bre­gat, said: "Up to now we knew that mos­qui­tos spread via air traf­fic and ship­ping. Now we have the stud­ies to prove that mos­qui­tos also spread to other ar­eas in­side ve­hi­cles, so we can use this in­for­ma­tion to bet­ter con­trol this species, which can spread var­i­ous diseases.

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