Fake police of­fi­cers bur­gle Chiva villa and kid­nap owner

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By Sa­man­tha Kett BO­GUS po­lice­men broke into a villa in Chiva and tried to kid­nap the owner be­fore speed­ing off in two cars in the early hours of Mon­day morn­ing, awak­en­ing sev­eral of the neigh­bours.

Wit­nesses, who went out into their gar­dens af­ter be­ing roused at around 02.00 by loud shout­ing and scream­ing, say they saw 'about six or eight' men wear­ing re­flec­tive flu­o­res­cent-yel­low jack­ets with 'Guardia Civil' printed on them.

They had pinned down the owner, a man, on the villa floor and, at first glance, it looked as though he was be­ing ar­rested.

But sub­tle de­tails made neigh­bours be­lieve this was not the case, and sev­eral of them rushed to the vic­tim's aid, at­tempt­ing to fight off the as­sail- ants with poles and any other ob­jects they could lay their hands on.

At that mo­ment, one of the 'po­lice­men' tried to stab a young wo­man through the win­dow, and neigh­bours rang the 112 emer­gency hot­line.

The 'real' Guardia Civil, plus the Lo­cal Police, ar­rived within min­utes, but by then the bur­glars had fled and re­moved the owner's hand­cuffs.

Police say the vic­tim, whom they spoke to af­ter­wards, ap­peared to know his ag­gres­sors, and wit­nesses bore this out by say­ing the fake of­fi­cers were ad­dress­ing him by his first name.

The vic­tim said he did not know what they wanted of him, and as­sumed they were try­ing to bur­gle the house.

They have not been caught.

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