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understand”, I have a cau­tionThe best verb to use when ary tale for you. It is quite talk­ing about our un­der­stan­d­likely that a Span­ish per­son ing (or lack of it) in Span­ish who is ex­plain­ing a sit­u­a­tion to is “en­ten­der”. This goes you – why your car hasnt´ been against what a lot of English fixed be­cause the parts are still speak­ers like to think, as they on or­der but yes­ter­day was a find the verb “com­pren­der” bank hol­i­day in Madrid, for eas­ier to remember. This is ex­am­ple – that the ex­pla­na­tion ob­vi­ously be­cause “comis com­pleted with a ques­tion­pren­der” is sim­i­lar to the ing “¿Com­prende?” This means English word “com­pre­hend” “(Do) you understand?” (and but in fact, when we’re tal­knot “I understand). I think this ing about un­der­stand­ing the is what some peo­ple pounce on spo­ken or writ­ten word, as a word they can use in all rather than a sit­u­a­tion, “en­si­t­u­a­tions. A while ago I was ten­der” is used more com­told the story of some well­monly. mean­ing ex­pat whose car was

“En­ten­der” is a root­stopped by the Guardia Civil. chang­ing verb, which means In re­sponse to what­ever the pothat in the present tense, and lice­man said to the driver, he by ex­ten­sion the present sub­replied with “No com­prende”, junc­tive, the sec­ond “e” which he thought meant “I changes to “ie” in four of its dont´ understand” but in ac­six forms. There­fore “I un­der­tu­ally fact meant “You dont´ stand” is “en­tiendo” (and “I understand, or com­pre­hend”. dont´ understand” is “no enAp­par­ently the Guardia tiendo”). In all other tenses re­acted rather badly, which I and forms “en­ten­der” is a think you’ll agree is a sit­u­a­tion com­pletely reg­u­lar, stan­dard to be avoided. verb. A use­ful phrase that means

Go­ing back to the gen­eral “as far as I understand it” is “a ten­dency to use the phrase mi en­ten­der” (lit­er­ally - to my “no com­prendo” or even “no un­der­stand­ing). How­ever, com­prende” for “I dont´ when we try to reach a mu­tual

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