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The­re is pau­city in the stu­dies with long-term out­co­mes of the im­me­dia­te loa­ding of den­tal im­plants im­me­dia­tely pla­ced in­to in­fec­ted si­tes. This ca­se-se­ries aims to eva­lua­te the long-term out­co­mes of im­me­dia­te loa­ding of post-ex­trac­tion im­plants pla­ced in in­fec­ted si­tes in ma­xi­llary cen­tral in­ci­sors.

Ma­te­rial and met­hods:

Pa­tients we­re se­lec­ted if ha­ving post-ex­trac­tion im­plants in the ma­xi­llary cen­tral in­ci­sors that we­re im­me­dia­tely loa­ded. In­for­ma­tion we­re co­llec­ted about pa­tient’s de­mo­grap­hic da­ta, im­plant de­tails, soft tis­sue sta­bi­lity and prost­ho­don­tic da­ta. The mar­gi­nal bo­ne loss, im­plant and prost­he­sis sur­vi­val ra­tes we­re cal­cu­la­ted.


Ten pa­tients re­cei­ved 10 den­tal im­plants that we­re im­me­dia­tely pla­ced af­ter the ex­trac­tion of up­per cen­tral in­ci­sors. The im­plants we­re im­me­dia­tely loa­ded. The ave­ra­ge fo­llow-up ti­me was 5.6 years (ran­ge 2-6 years). Only 1 of the 10 im­plants in­clu­ded in the study did not meet the cri­te­ria for im­plant suc­cess and sur­vi­val of the im­plants was 100%. The mean mar­gi­nal bo­ne loss was 1.64 mm. No prost­he­sis fai­lu­re was re­cor­ded. The soft tis­sues re­mai­ned sta­ble af­ter treat­ment in 70% of ca­ses, gin­gi­val re­ces­sion was found in 20% of ca­ses and loss of vo­lu­me in the re­mai­ning 10%.


The im­me­dia­te loa­ding of im­plant in­ser­ted in­to fresh and in­fec­ted ex­trac­tion soc­ket in up­per in­ci­sors has not been a risk fac­tor for im­plant sur­vi­val. Ho­we­ver, the sta­bi­lity of the pe­ri-im­plant soft and hard tis­sues has in­di­ca­ted the need to ta­ke mea­su­res that mi­ni­mi­ze their loss.

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