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The tech­ni­que of pre­ser­ving the al­veo­lar rid­ge has been shown to re­du­ce sig­ni­fi­cantly os­seous reab­sor­ption by the al­veo­lar bo­ne crest fo­llo­wing tooth ex­trac­tion and to help for­ma­tion of the hard tis­sue nee­ded for pro­per im­plant in­ser­tion the­reaf­ter. In re­cent years, va­rious tech­ni­ques and ma­te­rials ha­ve been used, all ba­sed on the th­ree bio­lo­gi­cal me­cha­nisms that pro­mo­te the hea­ling of the al­veo­lus.

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