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Mo­dern so­ciety’s de­mand for aest­he­tic odon­to­logy is gro­wing and ap­pea­ran­ce and ima­ge are in­crea­singly im­por­tant. Wit­hin the wi­de va­riety of res­to­ra­ti­ve op­tions cu­rrently avai­la­ble to prac­ti­tio­ners, di­rect com­po­si­te re­sin tech­ni­ques of­fer one of the best treat­ment al­ter­na­ti­ves and ha­ve al­ready gai­ned wi­de ac­cep­tan­ce. Com­po­si­te ce­ments are one of the ma­te­rials used most fre­quently in all odon­to­logy spe­cia­lisms, par­ti­cu­larly when prac­ti­tio­ners need to join two or mo­re he­te­ro­ge­neo­us struc­tu­res. Alt­hough a mul­ti­tu­de of com­po­si­te ce­ments ha­ve been des­cri­bed over the last 25 years, the­re has not been a pro­to­col with in­di­ca­tions on how to pro­ceed in dif­fe­ring cli­ni­cal si­tua­tions. To re­medy that, in this re­view we exa­mi­ne which ce­ments — ba­sed on their che­mi­cal and me­cha­ni­cal pro­per­ties — are most ap­pro­pria­te for fre­quently en­coun­te­red cli­ni­cal si­tua­tions.

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