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The main­te­nan­ce of pe­ri-im­plant health de­pends to a lar­ge ex­tent in fac­tors that can be ea­sily con­tro­lled by the den­tist. The aim of this na­rra­ti­ve re­view is to co­ver tho­se as­pects that may be clo­sely re­la­ted to the at­tain­ment of long­term health. Among them the th­ree-di­men­sio­nal im­plant pla­ce­ment to allow for ade­qua­tely de­sig­ned im­plant sup­por­ted res­to­ra­tions that can be ac­ces­sed and main­tai­ned pro­perly wit­hout pla­que re­ten­ti­ve areas.

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