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When ex­trac­ting a tooth with an im­pos­si­ble prog­no­sis, which al­so pre­sents in­ter­pro­xi­mal bo­ne loss, its re­pla­ce­ment with an os­seoin­te­gra­ted im­plant is an aest­he­tic cha­llen­ge sin­ce soft tis­sue co­llap­se will be more dif­fi­cult to com­pen­sa­te, es­pe­cially in the in­ter­pro­xi­mal zo­ne. The tech­ni­que of soc­ket-sea­ling, using a com­bi­ned con­nec­ti­ve and epit­he­lium graft from the pa­la­te, is a re­sour­ce to be con­si­de­red in this ty­pe of pa­tients, sin­ce it can re­du­ce the co­llap­se of the gin­gi­val tis­sue at the le­vel of the buc­cal mar­gin and the pa­pi­llae, and pro­vi­ding an ex­tra amount of tis­sue around the fu­tu­re res­to­ra­tion16.

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