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Sleep ap­noea-hy­pop­noea syn­dro­me (SAHS) is a sleep-re­la­ted res­pi­ra­tory di­sor­der with an in­crea­sing in­ci­den­ce that in­crea­ses with age, reaching clo­se to 20 per­cent in peo­ple over 65 years of age. SAHS, as well as ot­her sleep di­sor­ders are still un­der­diag­no­sed. Great pro­gress is being ma­de as we will see in this ar­ti­cle, whe­re we pre­sent the work­flow that we fo­llow in the de­tec­tion, eva­lua­tion and treat­ment es­ta­blish­ment cli­nic.

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