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A com­plex case is one that re­qui­res a pre­ci­se diag­no­sis and treat­ment plan, as well as an as­sess­ment of the prog­no­sis and risks. Even so, the re­sult of the treat­ment is un­pre­dic­ta­ble and the­re­fo­re re­qui­res cons­tant reas­sess­ment of the changes and, at ti­mes, a mo­di­fi­ca­tion of the the­ra­peu­tic ap­proach. The key to re­sol­ving this ty­pe of case is not in the tech­ni­que, but the so­lu­tion is to ma­ke a very pre­ci­se aest­he­tic, fun­ctio­nal and bio­lo­gi­cal diag­no­sis. When the case is com­plex, we will not im­me­dia­tely seek the fi­nal so­lu­tion, we will try to trans­form the prog­no­sis from com­plex to ad­van­ced and from ad­van­ced to sim­ple pro­gres­si­vely whi­le con­ti­nuously reas­ses­sing.

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