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Lose the fanny-packed le­gions in th­ese tiny, an­cient al­leys. Start in Pl del Pi at clas­sic cut­lers #3 Ganivet­e­ria Roca / 93 302 1241 / ganivet­e­ri­, exit right, then zip right into Petritxol for a hot choc at #11 Granja La Pal­laresa / 93 302 2036; and gallery pit-stop #5 Sala Parés / sala­pares. com. Troop to the top of Porta­fer­rissa and trun­dle right for a few mins un­til Pl Cu­cu­rulla. Press your nose against the win­dow of co­coa-grinder #2 Far­gas / 93 302 0342 / then note Porta­fer­rissa be­comes Bot­ers. Push on un­til Pl Nova and squint up at the gothic majesty of Cat­e­dral Basílica, then hang a hair­pin right onto Palla for in­her­i­tancedrain­ing heir­looms and art at #25 Ar­tur Ra­mon / 93 302 5970 / ar­tu­ra­, plus porce­lain and glass at #15 Co­ral Bells Ofi­cis / 93 412 1668, be­fore ar­riv­ing at holy biccy bou­tique Caelum (see Coffee) at the next fork. Duck right for Oro Líquido (see Stand­out Stores), then back­track to Banys Nous for old-fash posters at #19 Colec­cionismo Coixet / 93 317 1891; femmy bags, baubles and shoes at #17 Como Agua de Mayo / 93 412 3172 / co­moaguade­; and cute crafty tid­bits at #20 L’arca / 93 302 1598 / Spritz n’ span­gle devo­tees turn left up Sta Eulàlia for #3 The Per­fumery / thep­er­, af­ter which the street be­comes St Sever for more scents, art and adorn­ment at #7-8 La Basil­ica Ga­le­ria / 93 304 2047 / labasil­ica­ga­le­ About-face and head back to Banys Nous for #14 Her­itage / 93 317 8515 / her­itage­, a dusty trove of vin­tage garb n’ frip­pery. On the next cnr is milliner Som­br­ere­ria Obach / Call, 2 / 93 318 4094. Fol­low Call up to Pl St Jaume to ogle the im­pos­ing Ajun­ta­ment, keep­ing to the right side, and duck right onto Fer­ran. On your se­cond left is the beau­ti­ful caff-packed Pas­satge del Crèdit. Flop, or not, then cont. right onto St Miquel and left on Avinyó for es­pathrills at #7 La Man­ual Al­par­gat­era (see Adv. Shop­ping); fun face furny at #21 Wilde Sun­glasses / wilde­; and on­trend gal­wear and ac­ces­sories at #42 Le For­tune / 93 343 7023. March on for 5 mins un­til Am­ple, then hop right for da bomb of bon­bons at #28 Pa­pabub­ble / pa­pabub­ Pecky, Becky? Hang a sharp right down Plata for yummy nib­bles at cute cor­ner spot #28 Bar La Plata / 93 315 1009 / bar­, then re­trace to Am­ple, scam­per­ing left onto Re­gomir. Dog­leg it right up Cometa, and left onto Lledó for a pad­dle and pum­mel at #13 Huaira Ro­man Bath House / 93 310 3417 /; Tokyo-style duds (m/w) at #4 Doshaburi / 93 319 9629 /; and at #6 Hábit’s or­phic gems (see Adv. Shop­ping). Sweet sips ahoy at #2 Ginger / 93 310 5309 /; Café de l’acadèmia is at #1 (see Rest./re­laxed); or #4 Bliss / 93 268 1022 / has out­door ta­bles in purdy Pl St Just. Note Lledó be­comes Da­guería, with crowd­pleaser cheese at #16 For­mat­ge­ria La Seu (see Stand­out Stores). Choices. At the in­ter­sec­tion, ei­ther cross into the street opp. and go left at Lli­brete­ria over Pl St Jaume, and right onto Par­adis where you’ll reach the Tem­ple of Au­gus­tus (see Ac­tiv­i­ties), or, if a cheeky snifter with sub­lime views is what the doc or­dered, turn right onto Jaume I, left onto Lai­etana and tot­ter up 100m to Sky Bar (see Bars), a sul­try deck atop Grand Ho­tel Cen­tral. ¡Sa­lut!

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